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  • Teresa Fazio Photography Website URL

    I am a Denver area portrait photographer. I provide portrait services for the whole family, from newborns to grandparents. I am a non-theist business owner and recently tried to join a couple of local groups providing networking for photographers only to find that they were also linked to a "love of Jesus." This made me go in search of similar organizations for non-theists (which are hard to find.) I think it's a shame that some services get hired, not for their quality of service, but for their display of a "fish" symbol!

  • Toronto Picture Company Website URL

    We are an Independent Film Company!! We hope you enjoy our films. We want to make films that make you think, for more than 5 seconds. We're making an atheist feature film right now. Feature will be shot in November. We will keep you updated

  • Wayne Bryant Website URL

    Hello, I am an illustrator, designer, animator... And so on. I'm a senior creative in advertising by day, and children's book illustrator by night. I'm an atheist and humanist, not that it effects my work but I just like to mention it when I can.