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About is a business directory for nontheists. What is nontheism? It is an umbrella term that encompasses any belief system for people who do not believe in a god. Why is this website important? Mostly because we at believe in the humanistic virtue of equality, and we found the atheist/nontheist business community to be severely underrepresented. As nontheists ourselves, we realized that we may be missing out on something bigger and better. We felt it was time to take action.

The fact is that many consumers choose to limit the dollars they spend to companies that display certain behaviors or share a common belief system. Skeptical? Use an internet search engine on the phrase 'religious business directory' and you will get tens of millions or hundreds of millions of hits. Some of the results will be blog posts and article comments by crusading theists damning those who buy from nontheist companies; some of the results will be entire business directories dedicated to one religion. Or try going inside the lobby of your local church and you will probably see pamphlets advertising 'parishioner-owned' businesses. It would appear there are perceived 'intangible' benefits to shopping within a parish or religion, and keen advertisers are aware of this.

So where does that leave people with no religious affiliation? Or worse, where does that leave hardworking business owners with nontheist values? Can they afford not to engage in similar behavior if they want to stay competitive? If you are the owner or advertiser for one of these businesses, please sign up with today, it is 100% free and extremely easy. is focused on maintaining a quality list. Therefore, not everyone who wishes to list their business will be approved. Arguably, most businesses are secular in nature. But being secular alone might not qualify a business as being nontheist; it might just be the case that the religious beliefs of the business owners are not known. Therefore, we ask business owners to certify that they are in fact atheist or nontheist and we closely monitor for spam and nefarious postings. Preferably, businesses owners listed on are active in the nontheist community or nontheist movement, but this is not required.

One way businesses can ensure their listing is accepted is to proclaim their (non)faith on their website. You can do this by adding our 'NONTHEIST' banner to your website via the following html code:

<a href=""> <img border="0" src="" alt="Support nontheist businesses" width="112" height="32"></a>

It will look like this if you added it successfully:

Support nontheist businesses

Or you can just add a simple link to with the following code:

<a href=""></a>

Once you have added the banner or link, let us know about it by using the contact form on the Contact page and we will return the favor!